Our MOOC From Educators to Entrepreneurial Facilitators is a digital web series that will help you to develop the facilitation techniques and incorporate FEEF methodology into your classes.



What you will learn

After completion of the MOOC, learner/teacher (MOOC participants) will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of soft skills and entrepreneurial skills in education/teaching
  • Identify skills to improve the educators through the self-assessment
  • Apply it in class context with the introduction of the different facilitation techniques
  • Understand the need of guiding students through a mentoring process
  • Identify and develop mentorship skills through the mentoring examples
  • Implement mentorship skills learned in the class
  • Understand the importance of collaborating with industry to approach the real life to students
  • Identify relevant industry partners that can improve the knowledge of students
  • Establish collaborative partnerships with industry to develop visits and training as facilitation techniques

Learning plan

M1: Soft skills and entrepreneurial education and their importance in bridging the gap between education and the business world.

M2: The importance for educators developing mentoring skills and present some best practices.

M3: The entrepreneurial ecosystem and how the FEEF methodology can reduce the gap between business and academia, with insights from both industries.

M4: The facilitation techniques and their implementation.


Download MOOC backup

Our MOOC has been developed so that it can be replicated in other Moodle platform. Here you can find the backup file to implement the MOOC in your platform with all of the corresponding materials.