NOva University Lisbon

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NOVA is a public higher education institution whose mission is to serve society at local, regional and global levels, by advancing and disseminating knowledge  among cultures, societies and people.
Delivering high quality training at all levels of education that ensures the preference of employers and the success of graduates in the job market is a key priority for NOVA. The recognition of its quality, both in teaching and research, ensured by international accreditations and high positions in prestigious rankings in all areas of knowledge among young European Universities, guarantees the participation in important international academic networks.
Santander International Entrepreneurship centre (CISE)

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The Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre (CISE) is part of Fundación UCEIF that promote innovative programmes that include open methodologies and real-life experiences that stimulate entrepreneur’s creativity. Their initiatives encourage this entrepreneurial culture and seek to support innovation in existing business models and the creation of start-ups, with the sole purpose of contributing to economic and social progress.
University of cantabria

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Campus Facilities
The University of Cantabria is a modern public institution which, since its creation in 1972, has educated nearly 36.000 university students. Its main objective is to contribute to social progress through its commitment to teaching and scientific excellence and, in order to achieve its aims, it strives to constantly improve the quality of its work, which translates into the application of a process of review and improvement of all its teaching, research and administrative activity. This constant demand allows it to be one of the nine Campuses of International Excellence in Spain and to be considered one of the ten best universities in the country for its quality and scientific productivity.
University of padova

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The University of Padua is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious seats of learning. As a multi-disciplinary institute of higher education, the University aims to provide its students with professional training and a solid cultural background. The qualification received from the University of Padua act as a symbol of the ambitious objectives respected and coveted by both students and employers alike.

Founded in 1222, Padua’s Studium Patavinum was a place of study that readily welcomed Italian students and scholars, as well as those from various European countries searching for cultural freedom and expression. This freedom continues to define and express the essence of the University through its motto as Universa universis patavina libertas.
The University of Padua has been a proud pioneer of several endeavours, including the 

Still today, the University of Padua holds some impressive numbers. With over 60,000 students and 2,200 educators within its 32 departments, the University also employees over 2,400 technical administrators. Accrediting more than 13,000 graduates each year, awarding 5,000 scholarships, and brandishing over 2 million books available throughout its 29 libraries. The University continues to transform its level of excellence in education by offering a vast range of degree programs. Including over 100 bachelor and master degree programs, 10 single-cycle degree programs, almost 100 master degree programs, more than 20 advanced programs, and over 10 specialized training courses. The University includes over 60 specialization schools and 40 PhD schools.

Hogeschool voor moving minds (ucll)

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We are the moving minds!

UCLL is a university college that offers an unique opportunity to question the status quo and make room for innovation.

We aim to maximize the interaction between research and education and take our students’ goals and wellbeing to heart and made their future our mission.

Yearly about 14.000 students are enrolled in UC Leuven-Limburg. Moreover, about 15.000 professionals follow a training, seminar or workshop at UC Leuven-Limburg. UCLL’s strong commitment to research ensures state-of-the-art study programs and trainings for students and professionals.


Every student & teacher with a strong and authentic personality, broad-minded and not averse to thinking outside the box,

can become a real Moving Mind at UCLL.

All our campuses are equipped with the living campus vision, an environment where students can feel completely at home.

For both the studies and associated student life, we put maximum effort into our facilities that provide the perfect living and

working environment.