About us

Who we are?
From Educators to Entrepreneurial Facilitators

FEEF is an ERASMUS+ project (KA220-HED-9FF25351) composed by an European Consortium: 

  • NOVA University Lisbon;
  • Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre;
  • University of Cantabria,;
  • University of Padova;
  • Hogeschool Van De Moving Minds - UCLL.


What we aim?

Our vision is to close the gap between the Academia and the Business world. Both sectors are intertwined if the want to develop solutions that answer to the problems the world faces. And Educators are the core of the equation. They are the bridge that can reduce this gap. Those who have a role in educating students and the competences to understand the market needs.

Our Goals
What we want to accomplish?
  • To promote the development of “mentoring” skills in educators and researchers of HE to boost the entrepreneurial skills among the HE students and, therefore, their employability;
  • To train educators as facilitators for their students to “auto” design their working life and identify their goals.;

  • To promote the interaction with existing mentoring networks and CEOs, to contribute to the knowledge of their context, market needs and business reality​;

  • Promote the development of tools to provide or improve soft skills, effective communication skills, leadership, guidance, facilitating, coaching techniques.


Our methodology

In this project we aim to develop a set of facilitation techniques that will help Educators to bring the Business World into their classes. We are working on our methodology by bringing together educators, business people and hybrid people (people that are in both worlds) to co-create new strategies that will reduce the gap.

This will result in the development of a methodology, a web series to support the educators in the implementation of this facilitation techniques and a tool-kit with practical cases for educators to use and adapt to their needs.